The Eidsberg Lefse / Eidsberglefsa

A local Norwegian lefse recipe found on

The Eidsberg Lefse / Eidsberglefsa

Eidsberg, is a municipality in the inner part of Østfold county, east of Glomma. The municipality includes the lowlands on the east bank of Glomma and the forest lakes eastwards to the watershed towards Halden watercourse. Eidsberg municipality was established in 1837 by the introduction of local self-government.

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Potato Lefse / Potetlefse

A traditional Norvegian lefse recipe found on
Potato Lefse / Potetlefse

Potato Lefse is made from boiled potatoes, sour cream, cream, butter and flour, and baked on a griddle. Serve with your dinner, for lutefisk or other traditional Norwegian food like cured meat or bring it on a hike with nice toppings.

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Lefse From Hardanger / Hardangerlefse

A recipe from the Norwegian local paper Varden based in Skien in Telemark



traditional badge2I have just joined which is a net based data base for Norwegian recipes and I thought I might give you a little taste of what one might find there. And what better to start with than lefse which you can both see made and taste at the Folkemuseum in Oslo where the picture above was taken. If you have come across a lefse recipe earlier and find it different than the one presented here you got to remember that just about every valley and village in Norway has their own particular twist on the recipe. There are for instance both “Tynnlefse” and “Tjukklefse” thick and thin lefse – Ted

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