Beef and Beer Stew / Biff Og Øl Gryte

A great stew recipe by Lise Finckenhagen found on

Lise Finckenhagen started working at Bagatelle (The only Norwegian restaurant with two stars in the Michelin Guide) under master chef Eyvind Hellstrom at age 16, and is  today a popular cook both in Norway’s largest newspaper and in radio and television. She is a self-proclaimed cake monster and she thought of Dad and Father’s Day when she made meat stew with beer in in a popular radio show “Nitimen” (The Ninth Hour) in the second week in November.

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Pork Knuckle In Beer And Apple Juice / Svineknoke I Øl Og Eplemost

A recipe from Norway’s most popular food site the newspaper VG’s Recipe composed by Lise Finckenhagen


traditional-badge2_thumb1One of the obvious food trends we see more of here in Norway presently is the idea of ​​going back to the traditional ways regarding both dishes, techniques and ingredients. But often with a modern twist. This recipe composed by popular radio and TV cook and well known food blogger Lise Finckenhagen is a great example of this.


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