Gratined Hot Dogs / Gratinerte Grillpølser

3 delicious hot dog recipes found on
Gratined Hot Dogs / Gratinerte Grillpølser

Get in a great Saturday afternoon mood with these gratined hot dogs in three different varieties.


Chicken with Mushrooms and Onions / Kylling med Sopp og Løk

A juicy dinner recipe found in “Cappelens Kokebook”
published in 1991

kylling med sopp og løk_post


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Pollock Steaks with Onion / Seibiff med Løk

A classic Norwegian dinner dish found on matprat.no286_Seibiff med løk_post

Pollock is an excellent fish, when speaking of great taste this fish is in a class of its own. Pollock steaks with onions is a delicious Norwegian everyday classic.

This recipe calls for broccoli and cherry tomatoes. When little Ted was served this as a child it was much more likely served with butter steamed carrot slices and green peas as both broccoli and cherry tomatoes was introduced to the Norwegian kitchen so late that they look a little out of place in a recipe for a classic Norwegian dish.

I still eat my pollock steaks with onion with carrots and peas, a classic is after all a classic – Ted 😉


Salad Parisienne / Salat Parisienne

A delicious salad recipe found in “Cattelins Kokebok”
(Cattelin’s Cook Book) published in 1978
salat parisienne_post

Beef Salad Parisienne. A hearty salad with juicy steak, tender potatoes, sliced onions, and a zesty vinaigrette that could also doubles as a marinade.


In context: Cattelin’s is one of the best and most reasonably priced restaurants in Stockholm. It has survived wars, disasters, and changing tastes, and still manages to pack ‘em in, so they must be doing something right. Read more here and here.

The Hunter Midnight Snack / Jegerens Nattmat

A recipe for a tasty evening meal found on
250_Jegerens nattmat_post

This dish is based on a German variation on the Scandinavian sour cabbage; fried cabbage with bacon and cooked in dark beer. A tasteful evening snack for hungry hunters or weary skiers.