Orange Flower Macaroons / Appelsinblomst makroner

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Orange Flower Macaroons / Appelsinblomst makroner

In the interwar years, the Afternoon Tea had dwindled down to ‘at homes’ with guests, but it remained popular.  More or less intricate cakes and sandwiches were served with freshly brewed tea.

This recipe is particularly is easy to make. Some period recipes are quite tricky and don’t always work. This one is very forgiving and therefore it’s a good one for an inexperienced cook.

Macaroon is the English translation from the French word “Macarone”. Most have almonds as their principal ingredient, but you can also have coconut macaroons too. All are delicious!

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Easter Macaroons / Paskemakroner

Yellow Easter macaroons found on dansukker.no672_påskemakron_post

I don’t know for sure how it is round your neck of the woods, but here in Norway yellow is the definite Easter colour and it would surprise me much if there isn’t a lot of yellow now where you are too. In that case, these macaroons should fit the bill just perfectly.

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Oat Macaroons / Havremakroner

A Norwegian classic among the Christmas cookies

Oat macaroons are a part of the traditional Christmas baking for many Norwegians and they are juicier and softer than many of the other traditional cookies we baked for Christmas here in Norway.

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