Meatballs In Brown Sauce With Creamed Cabbage Or Green Pea Puree / Kjøttkaker I Brun Saus Med Stuakål Eller Ertestuing

A traditional Norwegian recipe from the popular food site MatPrat
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I know I mentioned that «Mutton In Cabbage» was elected Norway’s national dish 40 years ago in a post about that dish, and It was actually re-elected quite recently. On the other hand,  I think very many Norwegian think about meatballs in brown sauce with either creamed cabbage or green pea puree as the most Norwegian dish of all. And few would dream of eating it without a nice dash of cranberry jam or fresh cranberries stirred with sugar like you see on the picture above.


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Swedish Meatballs

This recipe is taken from the Swedish magazine "Husmoderen" (The Housewife) -  No 7 – 1959.


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