‘Cakes and Pastries’ by Cleve Carney from 1926 in PDF

‘Cakes and Pastries’ by  Cleve Carney from 1926 in PDF

From the forword

This book contains the best recipes and mixes used in my experience of twenty years as a practical baker, and have been responsible for whatever success I have enjoyed. As a student of baking practice and advisor to many wholesale bakers, as well as smaller establishments and in my own business, I have found opportunity to thoroughly demonstrate their practicability and desirability from a profit and trade building standpoint. I have tried to make the directions and explanatory notes as clear and concise as possible, and hope they will help you to make a better or more varied line of goods. Used with care and good judgment, I hope they will be appreciated by the trade in general. These recipes have been prepared especially for those bakers who desire to build up a better class of trade.AcroRd32_2017-07-26_02-02-06

The 96 page book is richly illustrated in colours and it can be
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