Cottage Cheese Apple Pie – Eple Pai Med Cottage Cheese

A recipe from “Delicious Dairy Dishes” (Deilige Retter Med Meieri Produkter) published  in 1936

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Since my English speaking visitors gets the benefit of having the Norwegian recipes translated I found that the right thing to do was to let my Norwegian speaking visitors get the benefit of having the English recipes translated to Norwegian. A little more work, but so what – Ted 🙂



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Banana Muffins – Bananmuffins

A recipe from a collection series called “Nye Mesterkokken” (The New Master Cook) published Skandinavisk Presse AS in 1974


Nice, juicy muffins with banana served with a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee or tea is a delicious snack. Besides, they are easy to make.



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Cherry liqueur – Kirsebærlikør

An old recipe handed down from my grandmother


In my family we have made cherry liqueur for at least four generations. My grandmother, who was a tea-totaller by the way, taught me how to make it and I have taught my daughters. You may find our recipe a little different than others as we spice it and we don’t remove the pits from the cherries – Ted



Biersuppe – Beer Soup

From“Soup Beautiful Soup” by Ursel Norman with illustrations by Derek Norman Published by William Morrow & Company in New York in 1978


Biersuppe is a typically German soup, that in all probability dates back several centuries. It is further testimony to the German love of beer. In Germany, it is usually made with dark beer, which has a very low alcohol content. Mostly it is eaten hot, usually preceding a cold evening meal. When made with lager beer, it is best eaten well chilled.



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