Homemade Raspberry Wine Gum / Hjemmelaget Gelégodteri av Bringebær

A recipe fore homemade sweets found on nrk.no
Homemade Raspberry Wine Gum / Hjemmelaget Gelégodteri av Bringebær

Homemade wine gum can be hard to resist when it is
made with real berries.

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Raspberry Sorbet / Bringebærsorbet

A nice summer dessert from the now defunct magasin.info

If you have got an ice machine, it is easy to make this yummy raspberry sorbets. You can of course also make it in a regular freezer, but then you should stir the sorbets a few times during the freezing to insure that the dessert gets porous and light.

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Honey Parfait / Honning Parfait

A delicious dessert recipe found in “Carl Butlers Kokebok –Fortsettelsen” (Carl Butler’s Cook Book – The Continuence)
published in 1991

Carl Butler writes: Honey is an ingredient we easily forget in our cooking, despite the fact that it have been used since time immemorial. Try honey in a parfait with fresh, tart raspberry sauce. These are two real summer flavors that complement each other nicely.