Varm Brie with Bacon / Varm Brie med Bacon

A delicious snack/lunch recipe found on gilde.noVarm Brie with Bacon / Varm Brie med Bacon

Baked brie wrapped in bacon, roasted hazlenuts, fried apple wedges,
thyme and honey sounds like a mix made in heaven if you as me – Ted


Scottish Heather Honey Sponge / Skotsk Lynghonningpudding

A traditional Scottish dessert recipe found on BBC Food
Scottish Heather Honey Sponge / Skotsk Lynghonningpudding

There’s nothing to compare to the light, fluffy texture of a steamed sponge pudding. Golden syrup is a classic addition, of course, but you will love this version, which makes the most of the fragrant flavour of Scottish heather honey. Any other well-flavoured honey will work well too.

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Honey Parfait / Honning Parfait

A delicious dessert recipe found in “Carl Butlers Kokebok –Fortsettelsen” (Carl Butler’s Cook Book – The Continuence)
published in 1991

Carl Butler writes: Honey is an ingredient we easily forget in our cooking, despite the fact that it have been used since time immemorial. Try honey in a parfait with fresh, tart raspberry sauce. These are two real summer flavors that complement each other nicely.


Crêpes aux Noix – Pancakes with Walnuts / Pannekaker med Valnøtter

A dessert recipe found on “Fransk Bondekost” (French Farmhouse Cooking) published by
Hjemmet Kokebokklubb in 1980
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Apple Kisses /Eplekyss

A recipe for a very delicious and healthy snack found at


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