Swedish Lamb Stew in Dill Sauce / Svensk Stuet Lam i Dillsaus

A classic Swedish lunch recipe found on newscancook.comSwedish Lamb Stew in Dill Sauce / Svensk Stuet Lam i Dillsaus

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Lamb Curry / Lam i Karri

An Anglo-Indian recipe found in “Berømte Retter” (Famous Dishes) published by Ernst G Mortensens Forlag in 1970 Lamb Curry post_ill

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatCurry powder consists of a mixture of at least 7-8 different kinds of spices and plants. It originates from India, where housewives still mixes their own curry adapted to their family’s taste. Curry from the Madras area is considered to be much sharper (hotter) in flavor than the one from North India. traditional badge british_flatDuring their Indian colonial times the British learned to appreciate curry, and when the officers and soldiers came back to England, they had developed a taste for these spicy dishes and brought them thus into the English kitchen.


Greek Meatballs / Greske Kjøttboller

A classic Greek recipe found in “Lammekjøtt” (Lamb)
published by Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1981

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Lamb In Dill / Lam I Dild

A traditional Danish lamb stew found on familiejournal.dk354_Lam i dild_post

Another classic lamb variations, from Denmark this time. A traditional lamb stew served with potatoes.

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Puspas – A Travelling Stew / En Gryterett På Reise

A classic stew from Bergen found on dinmat.no292_puspas_post

This dish comes from Bergen but it is very similar to Irish Stew and it is not quite unlikely that the stew has found its way across the North Sea to the Norwegian west coast at one time. The strong bonds between The British Isles and Norway runs all the way back to the Viking era.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Lamb Hotpot / Lammegryte

A traditional recipe from Nigel Slater found on BBC FOOD

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a10445_lamb hotpot_portraitNigel Slater is one of Britain’s best-loved cookery writers. Despite having written for food magazines since 1988, first at Marie Claire Magazine, then for the Observer, then in his own recipe books, it took a long time before he could be persuaded to transfer his skills to TV.

Born in Wolverhampton, Nigel began cooking at an early age. He worked in restaurants around the country from the age of 16, then moved to London and became a recipe tester and a cook for food photography.

Nigel has published several recipe books, the first of which was Real Fast Food, published in 1993. His food writing has won him numerous awards, and his autobiography, Toast: A Story of a Boy’s Hunger, earned him a Glenfiddich Award.


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