A cake recipe found on matprat.noblondies_post

If cakes like these made with dark chocolate is called brownies, and the ones on the pictures here that are made with milk chocolate is called blondies, shouldn’t ones made with white chocolate be called albinos – Ted 😉


Crêpes aux Noix – Pancakes with Walnuts / Pannekaker med Valnøtter

A dessert recipe found on “Fransk Bondekost” (French Farmhouse Cooking) published by
Hjemmet Kokebokklubb in 1980
pannekaker med valnøtter_post

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Heavenly Fish Patties / Himmelske Fiskekaker


A recipe from the recipe pages on Den Lille Nøttefabrikken’s (The little Nut Factory) homepages


Heaven and sea meet inn these amazingly succulent fish patties. Make sure you do not fry them for too long!


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