Chicken in Port Wine / Kylling i Portvin

A chicken recipe from ”French Cooking” published by
Golden Appel in 1968

Chicken in Port Wine / Kylling i Portvin

I bought this book in a used book shop here in Oslo the other day. I didn’t check it very thoroughly, just made sure there was lots of colour phictures. When I got home and started to scan the book I realised that the recipes and the pictures were not on the same page at all. Irritating of course, it makes scanning a lot more time consuming.

Well, my mistake, but I’m a stubborn sod, so I scanned it anyway – Ted  😉


Raw Cream with Port Wine / Portvinsråkrem

A classic Norwegian dessert cream found on matprat.no500_Portvinsråkrem_post

Raw cream should be served relatively fresh. Serve it with fruit salad, stuffed pineapple, baked apples or jelly with fruits. An exclusive and ‘adult’ version of raw cream is obtained by tasting the finished cream with port wine.