Lamb Skewers with Saffron / Lammekebab med Safran

An exotic lamb recipe  found in “Kjøkkenbiblioteket –
Grillmat” (The Kitchen Library – Grilled Food)
published by Aventura Forlag in 1992

Lamb Skewers with Saffron / Lammekebab med Safran

Tender diced lambs grilled on a skewers and served on a bed of rice. Safron is expensive, but the delicious taste is worth the money. The taste comes out best if the saffron is soaked for a while in water or broth.

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Medieval Monday – Cabbage Chowder

A Medieval recipe from Hungry PepoorMedieval Monday copy035_Medieval-Cabbage-Chowder_post
035_Medieval-Cabbage-Chowder2the girl who runs Hungry Peepor writes:
It’s a jolly time to feel like a king!

To start off my saffron adventures proper, I’ve finally decided to use and adapt one of the simplest recipes found in ‘The Medieval Cookbook‘. The original excerpt in old English for the ‘Cabbage Chowder’ recipe goes like this:
‘Caboches in potage. Take caboches and quarter hem, and seeth hem in gode broth with oynouns ymnced and the whyte of lekes yslyt and ycorue smale. And do therto safroun & salt, and force it with powdour douce.’ (CI.IV.6.)

On the recipe page is what I gather they’re trying to tell us.


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