Scampi as in Greece / Scampi på Gresk

A delicious shelfish recipe found in “Carl Butlers Kokebok – Fortsettelsen” (Carl Butler’s Cook Book – The Continuance)
published in 1991

Scampi as in Greece / Scampi på Gresk

If you have been to Greece, you are probably recognising this dish. You can make either with scampi or with large prawns.

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Rice Ring With Curry Fish / Risrand med Karry-fisk

 A spicy fish dish recipe found in “Ris & Pasta” (Rice & Pasta)
published by Lademann in 1978
Rice Ring With Curry Fish / Risrand med Karry-fisk
It may look Indian, but it is as Danish as a freshly baked pastry  😉


Brixham Crab Scallops / Brixham Krabbe i Kamskjell

A recipe from “Robert Carrier‘s kitchen Cook Book”
published in 1980

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traditional badge british_flatThe picturesque fishing port of Brixham on the Devon coast brings in wonderful catches of fish, such as sole and turbot, as well as the more mundane mackerel. lt is also famous for its lobster, crab and scallops. Nowhere else, except in the West Country, would you find the following dish considered a reasonable luxury all the year round.


Stuffed Crabs / Fylte Krabber

A recipe from “Festmat” (Party Food) published by
Hjemmets Kokebokklubb in 1992

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I love shellfish, but how come the most expensive of them is, at least served au naturel, the most tasteless and boring of them all. Lobster may be regarded as the finest, but hey, give me crabs any day. Here’s a very nice way to serve crabs as a filling starter or lunch – Ted


Crayfish Soup with Puff Lids / Krepsesuppe med Butterdeigslokk

A classic recipe from “God Mat fra Sjøen”
(Nice Food From The Sea) published in 1984
krepsesuppe med butterdeiglokk_post

I’ve been catching freshwater crayfish from I was 6 years old and well up into my years as a grown man. Here in Norway we usually eat them as simply as possible, with freshly baked white bread, mayonnaise, lemon wedges for drizzling and freshly  ground pepper. And beer and aquavit or white wine of course. But this recipe looks absolutely worth trying for a bit of change – Ted


Crab Paté on Toasted Brioche / Krabbepaté på Ristet Brioche

A snack recipe found on
Crab paté on toasted brioche_goodhousekeeping_post

A tasty snack or starter, this tangy crab paté with toasted brioche is perfect for a spring dinner party or the year’s first picnic.


Kamchatka Crab Cocktail / Kongekrabbecocktail

A tasty shellfish cocktail from NewScandinavianCooking 180_krabbesalat_post

Andreas Viestad (to the left in the thumbnail above) writes: The red king crab, or Kamchatka crab, is a new crab species to Norwegian waters.  The only parts eaten on the king crab are the muscles in the legs, whereas on the common crab, we also eat the meat inside the shell. This is a variant of shrimp cocktail made with crabmeat instead of shrimps.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Mandarin Rice With Crabs / Mandarinris Med Krabber

A recipe from “MENU – Ris & Pasta” published by the Danish Lademann in 1976

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