Herbal Patches / Urtelapper

A herbal recipe from “Varme Småretter” (Hot Snacks)
published by Gyldendal in 1991


Why not combine your Sunday trips in the spring with providing a little food? Edible crops are growing almost everywhere, but do not pick plants too close to roads with heavy trafic.

It is the first faint sprouts and leaves that are best. Later in the spring and summer, they taste too strongly to be used for food. A mixture of fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, chives, and more can also be used in the patches.


Wild Garlic Soup / Ramsløksuppe

A traditional Norwegian recipe found on bygdekvinnelaget.no411_Ramsløksuppe_post

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is a plant used in cooking. The leaves can be used in salads and as a seasoning in soups and stewed spinach.

Wild garlic is an up to 50 cm/20 in tall plant that smells of garlic and spread out like a white blanket over the forest floor. It is a spring plant and fills the woods with an intense smell of garlic. The onion belonging to each stalk usually has only two leaves and both continue upward in herbal leaf discs. The Wild garlic leaves are much thinner and deeper green than for other types of onion.

Wild garlic growing in Norway in shady fir- and broadleaf forests. Available in the lowlands along the coast from Østfold to Trøndelag.