Hungarian / Ungarsk Eszterhàzy Rostélyos

A classic Hungarian recipe from “God Mat Fra Hele Verden”
(Delicious Food From All The World) published
by Schibsted in 1971

eszterhazy rostelyos_post
The House of Eszterhàzy goes back to 1687 and right up to 1945, the family owned 21 castles, 60 market towns and 414 villages; The first of the family’s two famous men were Nikolaus Joseph (1714-1790), who built the castle Eszterhàzy where Haydn worked as musical director for 30 years. The other was Prince Nikolaus (1765-1833), Austrian / Hungarian field marshal, who refused Napoleon’s offer to become king of Hungary in 1809. The credit for this dish is attributed to him.


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