Baked Salmon Slices with Lemon Butter / Ovnsbakte Lakseskiver Med Sitronsmør

A lunch recipe found on “Lettvint for Små Familier” (Easy for Small Families) utgitt av Hjemmets Kokebokklubb i 1981
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Serve this delicate salmon with boiled potatoes  and boiled snow peas or cucumber salad. The very best salmon is “wild salmon” salmon that has lived naturally. But the farmed fish are almost as good and far less expensive.

Rainbow trout or other large trout can be cooked in the same way, or buy slices of large cod or other fish. Cooking fish in the oven in foil is convenient and saves on dishwashing. The fish take care of itself and you can concentrate on making the accessories.

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Baked Mountain Trout with Cucumber Salad / Ovnsbakt Fjellørret Med Agurksalat

A traditional dinner recipe found on
Baked Mountain Trout with Cucumber Salad / Ovnsbakt Fjellørret Med Agurksalat

I grew up with mountain trout like this. Both of my parents were eager sports anglers and went to the mountains every single autumn. They returned home with trout enough for Sunday dinners lasting us till late summer – Ted

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Cod In Mustard Sauce / Torsk I Sennepssaus

A recipe found on“Snart Ferdig” (Soon Finished)
published by Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1984

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Cod and other white fish is often served with different types of white sauce in Scandinavia. It can be dill sauce, sauce with French tarragon, white lemon sauce or as in this recipe, mustard sauce.

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Parsley Fish / Persillefisk

A recipe from “Hverdagsmat” (Everyday Food) published by Hjemmet’s Kokebok Klubb in 1979


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Baked turbot / Ovnsbakt piggvar

A recipe from “Ovnsretter” (Baked Dishes) published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1977

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Turbot is highly prized as a food fish for its delicate flavour, and is also known as breet, britt or butt. It is a valuable commercial species, acquired through aquaculture and trawling. Turbot are farmed in Bulgaria, France, Spain, Portugal,Romania, Turkey, Chile, Norway, and China. Turbot has a bright white flesh that retains this appearance when cooked. Like all flatfish, turbot yields four fillets with meatier topside portions that may be baked, poached or pan-fried.

This is not just any flounder. There are many who claim that this is the best fish you can buy for money. I see no reason to argue with them.


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