Vintage Cook book Wednesday / Gold Medal Flour Cook Book in pdf

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The book is not dated, but it looks to be from
very early in the twentieth century
and you can download it in pdf format by
clicking the icon below or the picture above

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Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – Mrs Harding’s Twenty Century Cook Book from 1921 in pdf

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Twenty Century Cook Book

An Up-to-Date and Skillful
Preparation on the Art
of Cooking

Modern Candy Making Simplified
The Process of Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Butchering Time Recipes

Compiled and Published by
The Geographical Publishing Co.

You can download the book in pdf format by clicking
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Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – "Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea" by Marion Harland 1875 in pdf

Vintage cookbooks

The old cook book in pdf format that I posted last week received quite some interest both on the blog and on Twitter so I thought I’d better check and see how many of these old cook books I have collected over the last couple of years. Maybe it was enough to build a posting series on. Well, the count came to 72, and that is cook book posting for nearly one and a half year if I post one a week, on Wednesday for example. No need to think more about that is it, all that is needed is a recognizable heading. The one on top here ought to do the trick – Ted


“Breakfast, Luncheon And Tea” by Marion Harland.
From the “Common Sense in the Household” series.
Published by Scribner, Armstrong & Co in New York in 1875.

449 pages of 140 year old but still valid common sense.

Click either the book image or the
PDF symbol to download the cook book

English: Portrait of Mary Virginia Terhune aka...

  Portrait of Mary Virginia Terhune aka Marion Harland,
mother of Albert Payson Terhune and a prominent writer herself

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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