So All Right, I’ve Got A Thing For Tea


Coffee is something I drink one large, strong, jet black cup of in the morning to kick start the system. The rest of the day I drink tea.

Tea with lemon, tea with sugar and lemon, tea with milk, tea with milk and sugar, just tea and tea with sugar, you name a variation and I drink it. This is my tea shelf in my kitchen, each tin contain a special sort of loose weight tea, one for each time of the day, one for each occasion, one for each mood. Strong and dark ones like Russian Caravan and Luxury Assam, mild and light ones like Sikkim Tami and Golden Nepal, spiked ones like Samovar Dushka and low kaf ones like Yunan and Kemun.

Every tin on that home made shelf is full of delicious fragrant tea, well, except the one in the middle on the bottom shelf, it contains home-grown dried peppermint and that is as any tea knower knows not a tea but a herb, and when infused in hot water an infusion not a tea. But very nice on a late evening just the same. So yes, I confess, I’m a tea lover – Ted


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