Pork And “Duppe“ / Flesk Og Duppe

A traditional dish (the recipe though modified to fit my mother’s) found on klikk.no

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This is one of the truly immortal Norwegian classics. “Duppe” means white sauce – with drippings. Roasted pork and “Duppe” has always been a much loved part of the Norwegian dinning table and the old “dark”pubs in Oslo has taken on the job of keeping life in this classic and anyone visiting the city should give it a try.

Pork And “Duppe“ has a long tradition in Norway. On the farms, it was common to put the meat in a salt barrel (in a brine of water and salt). It kept the meat for a long, long time. Because pork was particularly well suited for salting it usually ended in the salt barrels. Thus, one had a supply of salt pork almost year round – for those who could afford it, of course.

In context:
It’s called Løyten “Duppe” if you fry some finely chopped shallots and add to the white sauce. If you add finely chopped chives it’s called Tjøme “Duppe”


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