Traditional British Queen of Puddings / Britiske Tradisjonell Queen of Puddings

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Queen of Puddings is so worthy of its name, a pudding filled with lovely ingredients and crowned with a layer of soft chewy meringue. As you can see from this recipe, it is quick and easy to make, is comforting yet not heavy.

The bottom layer of the puddings is made from eggs, milk, sugar and breadcrumbs with a topping of meringue; fruit is added either in the base of the dish or between the base and meringue; the choice is yours.

Use a thick layer of jam, any fruit preserve, a compote  of seasonal fruit, lemon or fruit curd – even marmalade. The variations of Queen of Puddings are endless. Enjoy

Queen of Puddings is also known as Monmouth Pudding and Manchester Pudding though these are ever so slightly different.

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Harlequin Pudding / Harlekinpudding

A recipe found in “Det Nye Kjøkkenbiblioteket”
(The New Kitchen Library) published in 1971

No cookbook with any selfrespect can omit puddings of course and the puddings can easily be made a day in advance. The harlequin pudding requires neither sauce nor accessories of any kind, Harlequin acting thus here for once without Columbine.


Princess Pudding aka Semolina Pudding / Prinsessepudding Også Kallt Semulepudding

A classic Norwegian dessert found on matprat.no288_prinsessepuddingpost

This recipe will probably produce nice childhood memories for many Norwegians. The dessert was staple both in the fifties and sixties.

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Diplomat Pudding / Diplomatpudding

A traditional Norwegian dessert found on dinmat.no541_Diplomatpudding_post

You make diplomat pudding with cake leftovers and what you have of dried fruits and nuts in the kitchen cupboard and serve with fresh berries and berry sauce. In this dessert can use for example figs and prunes and assorted nuts. Clean out your closet and see what you find.

By the way, do you wonder like me how a dessert made of leftovers has been given such a fashionable name as diplomat pudding 🙂

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Almond Kernel Pudding / Mandelkjernepudding

A traditional Norwegian dessert found on matprat.no474_Mandelkjernepudding_post

Almond kernel pudding or almond pudding as many call it, is a dessert that gets sweet childhood memories flowing for most Norwegians my age. These days you can get it readymade at any grocers too of course, but compared with homemade pudding it tastes like compact sawdust.

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Semolina Pudding With Raspberry Broth / Semulepudding Med Bringebærbuljong

A new take on a traditional Norwegian dessert
found in REMA 1000’s booklet
“Sjømat På Sitt Beste” (Seafood At its Best
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A traditional Norwegian dessert with a modern twist.

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Old fashioned Rum Pudding / Aleksandrapudding

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traditional badge2_thumb[1]In the old days, rum was often used as an ingredient in desserts. If there was a party at a farm rum pudding was often served. Try this variation of the pudding with delicious cherry sauce!

This is a Norwegian version of the Danish rum pudding I posted a few weeks ago. Deserts in the old days here in Norway were very often dairy based. Milk, cream, sour cream or lesser known local variations. And most large farms at least had an orchard and rows of berry bushes. Even wealthy farmers never bought more then they had to.


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