Norwegian Griddle Cakes with Christmas Syrup / Sveler med Julesirup

A Christmas variation on traditional griddle cakes
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Norwegian Griddle Cakes with Christmas Syrup / Sveler med Julesirup

This kind of griddle cakes are called Svele (plural: sveler indefinite: svelene) in Norway and it is batter based cake. By size and texture they may bear some resemblance to American pancakes, but are usually eaten for afternoon coffee or as a snack between meals, served with butter and either sugar or Norwegian brown cheese or with sour cream and jam. Baking soda or salt of hartshorn are used as rising agent in sveler, which give this cake its characteristic flavour. Recipes may differ slightly according to region or to house recipes.

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Spruce Bud Syrup / Granskuddsirup

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Back in the old days people on the country side in Norway made food stuff from the strangest things. But believe it or not, spruce bud syrup is surprisingly delicious – Ted

Spruce bud syrup can be used on ice cream, pancakes, berries, game and cured meats and as an accompaniment to cheese or as a sandwich spread.


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