Champignons à la Greque / Sjampinjonger à la Greque

A great side dish found  in “Cattelins Kokebok”
(Cattelin’s Cook Book) published in 1978
sjampinjonger á la greque_post

The restaurant chefs writes: In our opinion, an excellent way to cook champignons. This dish may be made well in advance. It keeps well in the refrigerator.


Roasted Champignons / Brunede Sjampinjonger

A nice side dish recipe from “Cattelins Kokebook”
published in 1978
brunede sjampinjonger_post

This dish puts great demands on the raw materials, And needs some attention from the chef too. Preferably, the mushrooms should be so small that they can be roasted whole. If not, then cut them in half or four. From this recipe you can also learn what Mie de Pain is.