Maple Fondant Acorns / “Eikenøtter” med Lønnesirupfondant

A delicious recipe found in “Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes
& Home Made Candy Recipes” published by
Baker’s Chocolate in 1909

maple fondant acorns_post

I posted the cook book this recipe comes from in pdf format two years ago and you can download it HERE.

The little book is a real treat from the gilded era just after the turn of the last century , 64 pages of chocolate and candy delight, richly illustrated with beautiful colour lithographs like the one above. And all you need to do to make it yours in PDF format is to click the link above and download it from that page. Enjoy – Ted

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Chocolate Truffles On 3 Ingredients / Sjokoladetrøfler På 3 Ingredienser

A delicious and easy truffle recipe found on godt.no128_trøffelkuler_post

Truffle Balls are the taste of luxury. These velvety chocolate balls tastes absolutely fantastic and will keep for a long time. Add approximately 1,75 ounces of for example: cognac, rum, orange liqueur, honey or coffee. Then you just have to roll suitably sized balls and roll those around in powdered sugar or cocoa. Nice as a hostess gift, Christmas gift or a gift to a colleague. Or just eat them yourself!

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