Mahamri – Swahili Coconut Buns / Swahili Kokosboller

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traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatMahamri are a sweetly spiced East African coconut doughnut. There is a great level of confusion concerning what mahamri really are, and whether they are in essence the same as mandazi. In fact, when it all boils down to the technicalities of fried dough, they are essentially the same as mandazi.

The difference is that they have added fragrant spices, or coconut or both of these at times. After all, fried dough is fried dough whether it is spiced, salted or plain. Yet, the nuances are to be respected.


Norwegian Doughnuts And Berliner Balls / Smultringer Og Berlinerkuler

Cakes usually connected with Christmas nowadays
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Doughnuts are one of the seven sorts of Christmas cakes for many Norwegians. The rest of us scarf them down whenever we can lay our hands on them because traditionally these delicious deep fried cakes were something Norwegians made throughout the year. In recent times though most of us connect doughnuts with Christmas and Christmas baking.

TIP: Dip a wooden stick into the pan to check whether the lard is hot enough. If bubbles form around the stick, you can start frying.

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Vanilla Rings / Vaniljeringer

A recipe from “Kaker Til Kaffen” (Cakes For The Coffee) published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1979



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