The World’s Easiest Ice Coffee / Verdens Nemmeste Iskaffe

A simple recipe for ice coffee found on
The World’s Easiest Ice Coffee / Verdens Nemmeste Iskaffe

Here’s a brilliant recipe for the world’s easiest ice coffee with condensed milk.

There is hardly an easier way to make a delicious ice coffee than with condensed milk. The milk gives a nice creamy flavor – like in the types of ice coffee that you buy from Starbucks or Baresso. At the same time, the condensed milk sweetens the coffee nicely and you can choose how sweet you want to make your ice coffee.

Once you’ve found the blend that agrees perfectly with your taste buds, you can make yourself a delicious ice coffee with condensed milk,  at a fraction of what you usually would have to pay at the cafes.

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Apple Drink / Eppledrikk

A summer drink from “Summermat” (Summer Food) published by Hjemmets Kokebook Klubb in 1979
I know autumn has arrived in most places as far north as Norway on the Northern Hemisphere, but I thought there was room for just one more summer drink before we all head indoors. Besides I have visitors from Australia, quite a lot actually and they are just about to start the summer season – Ted


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