Gluten-Free Swedish Tea Cakes / Glutenfria Tekakor

A recipe for soft, delicious tea cakes found on
Gluten-Free Swedish Tea Cakes / Glutenfria Tekakor

Finally a gluten-free variant of an old Swedish classic.
Many Swedes’ favorite cakes!

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Swedish Tea Cakes with Oatmeal / Svenska Tekakor med Havregryn

A Swedish kake recipe found on
Swedish Tea Cakes with Oatmeal / Svenska Tekakor med Havregryn


Tea Cake / Tekake

A baking recipe from “Kaker til Kaffekosen” (Cakes for the Coffee) in the “Ingrids Beste” (Ingrid’s Best) series
published by Gyldendal  in 1991


The butter and sugar mixture spread on top of the tea can also be mixed with chopped almonds. It will then remind more of the
tea cakes from Trøderlag.

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