Tosca Cake / Toscakake

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Elin Vatnar NilsenElin Vatnar Nilsen who run the blog writes:
From when I was little I can remember we plastic wrapped Tosca Cakes in the back of the bakery shop. Small, round cakes with a hard caramel shell. To wrap cakes in plastic I thought was fun, but eating Tosca Cake, no dice. Those cake was just something old people ate while listening to some 40s entertainer on the radio. And not without risk. It was in fact unclear whether their teeth were still in good condition after the cake was consumed.

Sure, I know how to exaggerate. But I would be lying if I said that Tosca Cake was a favourite among us kids. It was when studying mom’s old cook books I found the recipe. I have not tasted this cake since I was three feet high, and if it’s something I want with my blog, it is to preserve traditions. Therefore, I made Tosca cake yesterday. And brought it to a the PTA.

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