Potato Patties / Potetpletter

A classic Scandinavian lunch/dinner recipe found in “Cappelens
Kokebok” (Cappelen’s Cook Book ) published in 1995
Potato Patties / Potetpletter

Patties made of fried grated uncooked potatoes are cheap and delicious food that has a long tradition in Scandinavia. With the grating dish on a food processor you grate the potatoes in no time. Serve the potato patties right from the frying pan with fried crisp bacon, coleslaw ,and of course, cranberry jam.

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Cabbage Roulettes With White Sauce / Kålruletter Med Hvit Saus

An traditional Norwegian dinner recipe from bygdekvinnelaget.no158_kaalruletter_post

159_nbk-logoThe Norwegian Society of Rural Women writes about themselves: A driving force for a vibrant country side. We have in over 60 years been an organization with a heart for Norwegian food culture and national food commodities and it has left its mark. Today The Norwegian Society of Rural Women around the country is among the country’s main purveyors and preservers of traditional Norwegian rural food.

We were talking about cabbage roulettes during lunch at work today and that made me want to post a traditional recipe for this delicious dish, and here it is – Ted 🙂

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