Lamb In Dill / Lam I Dild

A traditional Danish lamb stew found on familiejournal.dk354_Lam i dild_post

Another classic lamb variations, from Denmark this time. A traditional lamb stew served with potatoes.

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Boneless Birds / Benløse fugle

A classic Scandinavian meat dish found on familiejournal.dk544_benløse fugler_post

Boneless Birds is a classic meat dish you will find in different variations all over Scandinavia. The dish once called “The poor man’s bird” has unfortunately fallen out of fashion and is seldom on people’s menus to day. This rather luxurious version of the dish is Danish.

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Parisian Patties / Pariserbøf

Traditional Danish patties found on familiejournal.dk358_Pariserbøf_post

A classic Danish lunch/evening meal made in 20 minutes. A good example of the simplicity, yet deliciousness that often is the characteristics of a traditional Danish dish.

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