Traditional Swedish Griddle Cakes / Plätter

A classic Swedish griddle cake recipe found on

Traditional Swedish Griddle Cakes / Plätter

This batter will keep in the fridge if you do not want to cook all the cakes at once. The cakes are great with jam, whipped cream or ice cream. Calculate about 7 plates per serving. If you are baking the cakes with graham flour, they works well for starters or as crepes as well.


Swedish Dill Meat / Klassiskt Dillkött

An old Swedish Classic dinner recipe from
Swedish Dill Meat / Klassiskt Dillkött

A delicious old classic from the Swedish cuisine.

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Traditional Swedish Cabbage Soup / Tradisjonell Skånsk Kålsuppe

A traditional recipe from Sweden’s southernmost landscape found in “Carl Butlers Kokebok – Fortsettelsen” (Carl Butler’s Cook Book – The Continuance) published by Cappelen in 1991

Traditional Swedish Cabbage Soup / Tradisjonell Skånsk Kålsuppe

Nordic cookbook history was written in 1974. That year a bunch of Swedish foodie friends published a cookbook that would become one of Scandinavia’s most popular, Carl Butler’s Cookbook. With folded corners, patches of pie dough, tomato sauce and French mustard and an unmistakable scent of herbal spices and garlic it can be found in hundreds of thousands of Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian homes. The book put for the first time coq au vin, moussaka and paté on our tables.

For all Scandinavians who like me love that cook book it took 17 years before we could hurry to the book shops to buy the continuance. It was simply called “Carl Butler’s Kokebok – Fortsettelsen” (Carl Butler’s Cook Book – The Continuance). This recipe is from that book – Ted

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Swedish Peasant Omelette / Bondomelett

A classic Swedish omelette found on receptfavoriter.se372_Bondomelett_post

A peasant omelette is usually made with ham and vegetables, but can be made with what ever you might you have at hand. This omelette can be prepared with a bit of everything – originally of course, what was there on a farm, vegetables, meat, herbs and dairy (milk and cheese).

First you fry the filling  in a frying pan and then you pour in the eggs beaten with a little milk and salt.

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Punter’s Mix / Gubbrøra

A classic Swedish snack/starter/evening meal
found on

A small delicate dish that has been popular in Sweden for decades, particularly among older men. It is made with anchovies, boiled egg, red onion, chives and potatoes in a sour cream sauce.

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Swedish Rye Cakes / Svenske Rugkaker

A traditional Swedish cake recipe found on tine.no226_Svenske rugkaker_post

Rug is a cereal that provides a rich, juicy flavour, and bread baked with rye has a longer shelf life. These rye cakes are from a very old Swedish recipe and are great to serve piping hot with butter, cheese or jam with a cup of tea or coffee. They are also well suited to serve with a soup or a good salad.

Bye the way, the whole in the middle of the cakes were for putting a wooden rod through them and hanging them from the roof to keep them away from mice and rats.

Tip: There are a lot of good bread you can bake with rye. There are both coarser to finer mill qualities. If you find rye bread a bit heavy and compact, try baking it with sourdough.

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Traditional Swedish Beef Stew / Skånsk Kalops

A traditional Swedish beef stew found in
“IKEAs Kokebok av Carl Butler” (IKEA’s Cook Book by Carl Butler)
published by IKEA in 1979
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Carl Butler writes: It is the most Swedish of all Swedish dishes you are about to learn to know now. Whoever has been in Sweden, will probably not have avoided coming across this beef stew. So just go a head and make it the Swedish way –  and remember, put some pickled beets on the table, because that’s important! By the way, did you know that making this stew with big game like moose, reindeer or stag will taste absolutely delicious.

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“Patentlåda” (Swedish Hash) / Patentlåda

A recipe from “Cattelins Kokebok” (Cattelin’s Cook Book) published by Den Norske Bokklubb in 1977

An old Swedish classic. Very common both for lunch and an evening meal. Earlier it was usual to have ramkins (in Sweden nicknamed “låda” which actually means box) of clay or porcelain. Today there are not many of these left, but that should not prevent anyone from making this dish. It is also nice to fry eggs in the normal fashion. It is important to remember that the ham should be smoked.

I love the way the Swedish nickname their favourite dishes. “Patentlåda” directly translated means Patented Box – Ted

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Roast Pork Tenderloin In Mustard Cream Sauce / Helstekt Fläskfilé I Senapsgräddsås

A traditional Swedish dinner recipe found on

Roast pork tenderloin in mustard cream sauce is simple party food! Roast pork is juicy and a good mustard cream sauce is the icing on the cake!


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Swedish Dime / Femöring

A traditional Swedish lunch dish found at

This is an old Swedish classic. A true dime is always made from flat beaten beef and lots of soft fried onions. Fried eggs are often served with it too, as well as fried or boiled potatoes.


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Traditional Swedish Cheesecake / Smålänsk Ostkaka

A recipe from “Dreyers Kokebok I Bilder” (Dreyer’s Cook Book In Pictures) published in 1960

 smålandsk ostekake_post
traditional badge3Ostkaka is a Swedish cheesecake originally from Hälsingland and Småland. The cake is traditionally served warm with jam, cream or ice cream.

Ostkaka are traditionally made by adding rennet to milk and let casein clot. Cream, butter, eggs, almonds are then added to make the dough. It is then baked in the oven and served warm, not hot, since it will neutralize the distinctive flavour.

Traditionally, the cake is baked in a spacious copper pan. This has resulted in a tradition that allows guests to serve themselves from the centre of the cake, to avoid traces of copper that has been able to blend into the cake dough where it touches the pan.


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Beef à La Lindstrøm / Biff à La Lindstrøm

A traditional Swedish recipe found on the recipe pages on the Norwegian local paper Varden

968_biff a la lindstrøm_post
traditional badge3Time for a truly traditional Swedish dish here on RecipeReminiscing now. Beef á la Lindström is actually thought to have Russian roots (the originator Henrik Lindström grew up in St Petersburg), and you can certainly trace the use of beetroots and capers in the meat to eastern- and central European cooking.

But today Beef á la Lindström is considered to be an ultra classic Swedish dish, and at the Witt Hotel in Kalmar where Mr Lindström first introduced it about 150 years ago it’s still on the menu every day.


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