French Chocolate / Fransk Sjokolade

A classic hot beverage recipe found in “Baker’s Favourite Chocolate Recipes” published by Baker’s Chocolate in 1936French Chocolate / Fransk Sjokolade

French Chocolate is a hot chocolate, de luxe. It is especially suitable for entertaining when the serving is done by the hostess, and makes an effective, gracious ceremony of afternoon refreshments

Accompaniments for this delicious beverage should be light and  dainty. Thin bread and butter sandwiches, unsweetened wafers, or sponge drops are excellent to serve.

Let this rich, satisfying French Chocolate do the honors at your next party – a bridge luncheon, afternoon, evening, or after-theatre party.

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Hot White Chocolate with Orange / Varm Hvit Sjokolade med Appelsin

A delicious hot bevearge found on godt.noVarm hvit sjokolade med appelsin_godt_post

We are still in the last gripps of winter here in Norway although the snow is almost gone here in the city of Oslo. The sanest among us stayed here in the city during Easter welcoming the spring while the rest straped their skis to their roof racks and headed for the mountains.

Whether in a city or elsewhere this delicious white hot drink flavoured with orange zest and juice will brighten your day considerably 😉


Hot Chocolate with Cardamom Cream / Varm Sjokolade med Kardemummekrem

A great hot chocolate recipe found on
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As I write this the biathlon world championship is held a few kilometers up the hilside from my flat and a Norwegian girl has just won the sprint distance.  What better moment to celebrate with a rather fancy cup of hot chocolate  – Ted 😉