Mascarpone Gratinated Blackberries with Orange / Mascarponegratinerte Bjørnebær med Appelsin

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It is important that the berries are still frozen when placed in the oven. The secret of this dessert is the combination of warm, bubbling cheese with berries that are still slightly frozen. Absolutely delicious!


Honey Baked Pears / Honningbakte Paerer

A nice dessert recipe  from “Nye Mesterkokken”
(The New Master Chef) published in 1974
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When there are nice pears to get hold of in the shops, it is nice to be able to vary them. Try to bake them in the oven with honey and lemon – Easy and delicious. Bake them cut in halves. Ice cream or whipped cream goes well with the dish.

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Snow Capped Peak / Snøtopp

A nice hot dessert recipe found on
“52 søndagsmiddager” (52 Sunday Dinners) published by
Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1983

A delicious hot dessert perfect for a cold winter Sunday.

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Rice soufflé / Ris Souflè

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