Mulled White Wine & Spiced Tea / Hvit Gløgg & Krydret Te

Two delicious Christmassy hot drinks  from “Nye Mesterkokken”
(The New Master Chef) published in 1974
hvit gløgg og krydret te_post

It is at this time of the year the hot, spicy drinks are most popular, now when it is cold and miserable outside. Here you get a variant of the usual mulled white wine, and moreover you will find recipe for a delightful, spicy tea.

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Hot Mulled Cider / Varm Kryddad Cider

A Christmassy Swedish hot drink found on

100_mulled cider_post

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Nothing tastes better or make you feel better than a hot drink on a cold evening. Here’s an alternative full of Christmassy spices for those who are not that fond of mulled wine. Prepare hot mulled cider from any kind of cider of your choice.

And remember, it’s getting colder right now, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to make the first batch 😉

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