Meat Soup with Oatmeal / Kjøttsuppe med Havregryn

A delicious hearty meat soup recipe found on
the soup councilMeat Soup with Oatmeal / Kjøttsuppe med Havregryn

A delicious, hearty soup with game meat or beef for cold autumn and winter evenings. The soup can advantageously be made a day in advance so the flavors can develop.

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Medieval Monday – ‘Grete Pye’ – Game Pie / Viltpai


A classic game pie recipe found on

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998_grete pie_post, now online nearly 15 years publish opinions on food, wines & spirits, dining, shopping, and travel, to start. they are also very opinionated about a variety of subjects and hope you’ll feel free to register and comment.

The medieval game pie in this recipe was and remains a wonderful, economical and delicious treat. Still today, we make these in the form of pates, chicken and beef pot pies. A true classic!


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Furmenty With Venison / Furmenty Med Hjortekjøtt

Recipes from late 14th – mid 15th century Britain found at Let Hem Boyle

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Since a lot of the ingredients in medieval recipes are unknown to most of us I’ve added a list of the most common ones with explanation and the closest modern equivalent for those of you who want to try out some of these recipes. Click the link above for the list – Ted


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