Wiener Schnitzel – Breaded, Fried Veal From Austria

A recipe from “Berømte Retter” (Famous Dishes) published by Ernst G Mortensen in 1970

Wiener Schnitzel_post_ill

Vienna allege – and not without reason – that the real Wiener Schnitzel is only available in Vienna. Maybe the Vienna air is an essential part of this course . Elsewhere, one very often get served Wiener Schnitzel as a thick piece of tough meat that has very little to do with the original. If you follow this recipe you should , however, get the right result. In it’s  hometown the schnitzel is sometimes placed momentarily in a cloth before it is served. The reason for this is a Vienna proverb, which says that the real Wiener Schnitzel should be so free of grease, that a lady should be able to sit on it wearing her best dress, without getting grease stains on it.