The World’s Juiciest Pot Bread

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The World's Most Juicy Pot Bread

The secret with the world’s most juicy bread is that it is baked in a pot in the oven. You can also make a delicious pot of bread.

Find a heavy stoneware po tin the cupboard, andmake this most delicious bread with few ingredients. When baking your bread in a pot with a  lid, the moisture does not evaporate, but keeps the bread deliciously juicy. Pot bread have become hugely popular in recent years, because it produces a bread that reminds of real Italian bread – and without to much effort. If you do not already have a stoneware pot, now is the time to get one.

Ingredients for the world’s most delicious pot bread
15 g [0,5 oz] yeast
6 dl [1,2pt] cold water
1 tablespoon salt
2 tablespoons cane sugar (demerara)
100 g [3,5 oz] graham flour
450 g [16 oz] wheat flour
1 carrot
1 dl [0,2 pt] sunflower seeds
1 stoneware pot

How to make the world’s most juicy pot bread

[1] Stir yeast and water together. Add salt, sugar and the two kinds of flour and stir with a swooden spoon.

[2] Peel and grate the carrot and mix it into the dough. The dough should be very light and wet.

[3] Let the dough rise at room temperature for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight.

[4] Put the empty stoneware pot in the oven. Turn the heat to 250° C / 480° F , and let the oven and pot become firery hot. Take the pan out of the oven and sprinkle sunflower seeds in the bottom .

[5] Pour the soft dough into the pan on top of the seeds. Put the pot in the oven for 30 minutes with the lid on. Then remove the lid and bake the bread for another 20 minutes without the lid.

[6] Carefully vault the bread out of the pot and allow it to rest on a grid for at least 30 minutes before cutting into slices. Serve with butter, jam or cheese.