Traditional Norwegian Hot Sour Cream Cake with Apples

A traditional Norwegian kake recipe found in
“Nye Mesterkokken” (The New Master Chef)
published by Skandinavisk Presse AS in 1974
Traditional Norwegian Hot Sour Cream Cake with Apples

This is a delicious dessert cake from the time when farmers made their own sour cream. There is no need for the apples in the cake, but they add a fresh fruity flavor you may have to replace by serving jams with the cake if left out.

Preparation: about 20 min.
Oven temperature: 175° C / 345° F
Cooking time: about 30 min.

This you need for 4-5 servings
4 apples
4 tablespoons white or brown sugar
Cakes batter:
4 eggs
2 tablespoons sugar
4 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons of potato starch
a little grated nutmeg
4 dl [0,8 pt] sour cream

This is what you do

[1] Butter an oven proof mould with straight edges.

[2] Wash and peel the apples. Cut them into very thin slices. Put them at the bottom of the mould and drizzle with sugar.

[3] Separate the egg yolks and whites.

[4] Stir together egg yolks, sugar, flour, potato starch and grated nutmeg. Stir till you got a smooth batter.

[5] Carefully fold in the sour cream.

[6] Whip the egg whites stiff. Turn them into the batter with the help of two forks.

[7] Pour the batter on top of the apple slices into the mould. Smoothen the surface with a spatula.

[8] Cook in an oven at 175° C / 345° F for about 30 minutes or until the cake has risen, has a nice color and is done.

[9] Server immediately.