Traditional Norwegian Raspberry Vinegar

An old-fashioned way to conserve raspberries
Traditional Norwegian Raspberry Vinegar

Make a bottle or two of raspberry vinegar, then you have a delicious basis for dressings and desserts. It’s also a great host gift to bring along when you’re invited for dinner or tea.

500 g [1 lb] raspberries
200 g [0,45 lb] sugar
3 dl [0,6 pt] apple cider vinegar


[1] Mash raspberries with sugar in a bowl and mix it with vinegar. Leave this to stand covered in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. Stir occasionally.

[2] Strain the raspberry vinegar through a cloth over night. This will make the rasbberry vinegar nice and clear. Pour the vinegar into  bottles. Screw the corks on and store in a dark and cool place.

[3] An even easier way to make raspberry vinegar is to fill raspberries on bottles with wide openings. Pour in vinegar mixed with sugar (stir until the sugar is completely disolved) and screw the corks on. Store dark and cool.