Velvety Oat Porridge

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For many Norwegians oat porridge is a good start to the day, but it might as well be enjoyed for lunch, dinner or supper. Adjust batch for you and your needs, and feel free to use another topping as fruit, berries, nuts, cottage cheese or similar.

1 serving

50 g [1,75 oz] fine oatmeal *
about. 3-3.5 dl [06-0,7 pt] optional milk **
a little salt
a little sugar

* You can make fine oatmeal yourself. Run wholemeal oats in a food processor until it is finely ground.

** If you like you can cook your oat porridge with 50/50 coconut milk and water. Extra filling, in addition, you get your porridge milkfree.


Boil the oatmeal, salt and sugar with 2 dl [0,4 pt] milk. Let porridge simmer for 10-15 minutes while adding the remaining milka little at the time. Serve immediately with the topping and accessories of your choice.

Tip: Extra protein/fat may also be added toward the end of cooking time. Examples might be; egg white, egg yolk, a whole egg, chopped, protein powder, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, cocosa or nut butter.