Viking Millet Porridge with Stewed Apples

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Viking Millet Porridge with Stewed Apples

If you want to cook this porridge the authentic way, cook the porridge and stewed apples  in earthenware pots set right beside the fire. Do remember to stir quite often and turn the pot to prevent the porridge from burning. You can of course make the dish on your kitchen stove as well.

2 cups whole millet seeds
1/4 cup linseed
2 cup water
4.5 cup milk
A little salt

1 cup in this context = about 150 ml / 0,3 pt


[1] Rinse the millet seeds in cold water. The seeds are quite bitter, but it is neutralized when you rinse.

[2] Bring water to the boil in a pot, add the millet and lenseed and cook for a while over low heat. Remember to stir frequently. Add the milk and and let the porrige cook until the millet seeds are tender. Season to taste with salt.

Stewed apples and nuts

[3] Crush the nuts. Clean and dice the apples. Place nuts and apples in a pot over the fire and add a little water. When the apples are tender you may add some honey.