Warm Cranberries and Juniper Drink

Warm Cranberries and Juniper Drink

This is a fresh, warm and healthy drink for cold evenings – and for hikes in the woods.

It is best to use a mixture of fresh (or previously frozen) and dried cranberries. (Dried berries is found in many supermarkets and health food stores. But do not travel to the end of the world to find them, the drink is delicious without the dried ones too)

The juniper is not easy to buy in small twigs, but it is easy to find, if you are in a forests or in the mountains. I assume that you can also use Christmas ornaments made out of juniper, but you must make sure that it has not been sprayed to make them keep.

How much to use in each cup is a matter of taste, so you have to test a bit in the beginning.

It should work well with adding spruce shoots instead of cranberries if you are tout hiking at the time of the year.