Whole Wheat Bread

A recipe from “Borden’s Evaporated Milk Book of Recipes”
published by  Borden’s Condenced Milk Company in the 1930s

Whole Wheat Bread

1 cupful Borden’s Evaporated Milk
1 cupful hot water
2 tablespoonfuls sugar, or
1 1/2 tablespoonfuls molasses
2 tea spoonfuls salt
1/2 compressed yeast cake
1/4 cupful tepid water
2 cupfuls white flour
4 cupfuls entire wheat flour, approximately


Scald the milk and water together, then , cool it till tepid and stir in the sweetening, salt and yeast dissolved in the tepid water. Beat in the white flour and then the entire wheat flour to knead, about four cupfuls. Knead until elastic then set to rise, first brushing the mixture over with tepid water, and taking care to cover it well so that it will be kept at room heat. When double in bulk, cut down and shape into two loaves and transfer to oiled pans. Again set to rise and when nearly double in bulk bake in a moderately hot oven, allowing the temperature to increase gradually until the bread is brown, and then finish baking with the heat reduced. When done brush over with butter.

Fahrenheit Celsius Gas Mark Terminology
275 F 140 C 1 Very Cool or Very Slow
300 F 150 C 2 Cool or Slow
325 F 165 C 3 Warm
350 F 177 C 4 Moderate
375 F 190 C 5 Moderate
400 F 200 C 6 Moderately Hot
425 F 220 C 7 Hot
450 F 230 C 8 Hot
475  F 245 C 9 Hot
500 F 260 C 10 Very Hot