Wholesome Oatmeal Pancakes

A recipe for little more wholesome pancakes meny.no
Wholesome Oatmeal Pancakes

Try this recipe for healthy, delicious oatmeal pancakes. This recipe is made with oatmeal and is made in no time. If you want a small recipe for theese pancakes, use just half of each ingredient and it is perfect for two!

The recipe is for 4 servings.

4 eggs
5 dl [1 pt] oatmeal
2 dl [0,4 pt] spelt flour, sieved
1 liter [2 pt] semi-skimmed milk
0.5 tsp salt


[1] Put the eggs in a bowl and whip them together. Add half the amount of milk and the flour, stir until you get a smooth batter without lumps.

[2] Add the rest of the milk and salt and let the batter swell for half an hour.

[3] Fry the pancake in a little butter, and serve with fresh berries and a sprinkle of icing sugar or with maple syrup.