Old-Fashioned Codfish Dinner

A fish dinner recipe found in “Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes”
published by Frank E Davis Fish Company in 1932

Old-Fashioned Codfish Dinner

Salt Codfish
Pork Scraps or White Sauce
Boiled Potatoes


Strip the fish into small pieces or flakes. Put in a saucepan and more than cover with cold water. Let it come just to a boil and then turn off the water. Again cover with cold water and let come to a boil. Much boiling will make the fish tough. If pork scraps are served with the codfish, they are made by cutting salt pork into tiny dice and frying until crisp, using both the scraps and the fat served hot from the gravy bowl.

Or if preferred, White Sauce may be used instead of the pork scraps. With this dinner boiled potatoes and beets should always be served. Boiled onions also make a desirable addition.