Swedish Almond Bread / Svenskt Mandelbröd

A Swedish bread recipe found on koket.se
Swedish Almond Bread / Svenskt Mandelbröd

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Sandwich Copenhagen / Smörgås Köpenhamn

A classic scandinavian sandwich recipe found in “Stora boken om Smörgåsar & Smörgåstortor” (The Big Book about Sanwiches and Sandwich Cakes) utgitt i 1985Sandwich Copenhagen / Smörgås Köpenhamn

This sandwich is typical for the lavish sandwiches one can get
at cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen

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Pork Marengo / Svinekjøtt Marengo

A dinner recipe from a card in “Better Homes
and Gardens Recipe Card Library” published in 1979Pork Marengo / Svinekjøtt Marengo

Marengo dishes – According to a popular myth, the dish was first made after Napoleon defeated the Austrian army at the Battle of Marengo at Marengo south of Turin, Italy, when his chef Dunand foraged in the town for ingredients (because the supply wagons were too distant) and created the dish from what he could gather. According to this legend, Napoleon enjoyed the dish so much he had it served to him after every battle, and when Durand was later better-supplied and substituted mushrooms for crayfish and added wine to the recipe, Napoleon refused to accept it, believing that a change would bring him bad luck. Marengo dishes are loosely based on the dish Dunand created at Marengo.


Fruit Bars / Frukt Ruter

A fruit cookie recipe found in “Cooky Jar Favorites”
published by The Tested Recipe Institute in 1960

Fruit Bars / Frukt Ruter

Bake quick and comforting fruit bars with a just few simple ingredients. A delicious flashback from those carefree first pre-WWII decades. They’re the perfect treats to serve for everything from Sunday dessert to summer picnics and celebrations of any kind.

As Contry Joe & the Fish once sang; Bring Back The Sixties, Man 😉

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Buttered Scotch Blondies / Skotske Smørblondies

A retro cake recipe found on cookingchannaltv.com
Buttered Scotch Blondies_cookingchanne_post

Baker’s Note: This brownie pays homage to the original drink that inspired the term butterscotch, that is before it was replaced with artificial flavoring during prohibition. The ingredients make these brownies extra special. The addition of real Scotch whisky, a healthy dose of real butter, and the omission of leavening agents, leaves a great textured blondie with balanced sweetness without the harshness of artificially-flavored butterscotch chips.


Potatoes On The Grill / Poteter På Grillen

Grill tips from “Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book” published sometimes in the fifties
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Syltetøykranser / Jam Wreaths

A nice cookie recipe  from “Nye Mesterkokken”
(The New Master Chef) published in 1974

If you have a good piping bag, it does not take long to make these cookies. The dough is very easy to handle, and since you fill the “gaps” with a little dough and jam it keeps the cookies nicely gathered during baking.


Royal Hot Chocolate Sauce / Kongelig Varm Sjokoladesaus

A recipe from a booklet published by
Hershey’s Chocolate in 1937
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Back before WWII and well up into the sixties a lot of the larger food producers published free or inexpensive recipe books or booklets. These recipe collections highlighted their own products of course. Sometimes in the early eighties I found the one in the picture above published by Hershey’s Chocolate from 1937 in a used book shop in York  – Ted

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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The Recipereminiscing Christmas Special

As the illustration says there will be nothing but Christmas recipes for the next thirty days. I’ve been saving up recipes for this special for almost a year. Mostly Norwegian recipes, but Swedish, Danish and English Christmas specialties will turn up as well.

For most people in the English speaking world December 25th is the big Christmas day, but for us Scandinavians it is the 24th. That’s when we eat the main meal and open our presents and the name for the celebration comes from pre-Christian times as we call it “Jul”.

Many of the recipes will have long traditions in their respective countries some will be more modern, but what is common for them all is that it will be recipes for food, cakes, sweets and drink with strong connections to Christmas.

In Context:
or Jól (from old-nordic jól or jólablót) is a pagan religious festival observed by the historical Nordic peoples, later being absorbed into and equated with the Christian festival of Christmas. The earliest references to Jul are by way of indigenous Germanic month names Ærra Jéola (Before Jul) or Jiuli and Æftera Jéola (After Jul). Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Modranicht.

The term Jul is used in the Nordic countries for Christmas with its religious rites, but also for the holidays of this season. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule. A number of Neopagans have introduced their own rites.

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The First Lady’s Medallions / Bispinnens Medaljonger

An old-fashioned recipe from “Norsk Ukeblads Store Bakebok” (Norsk Ukeblad’s Large Book on Baking) published by Ernst G Mortensen’s Forlag in 1984bispinnens medaljonger_post
The First Lady’s medallions are glazed pastry with butter cream filling. They can be finished well before serving.

As the coffee powder in the filling give the cakes an “adult” taste, it is perhaps not a good idea to bake these for a child’s birthday party – Ted  😉

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Tosca Cake / Toscakake

A traditional cake recipe found on krem.no

Elin Vatnar NilsenElin Vatnar Nilsen who run the blog krem.no writes:
From when I was little I can remember we plastic wrapped Tosca Cakes in the back of the bakery shop. Small, round cakes with a hard caramel shell. To wrap cakes in plastic I thought was fun, but eating Tosca Cake, no dice. Those cake was just something old people ate while listening to some 40s entertainer on the radio. And not without risk. It was in fact unclear whether their teeth were still in good condition after the cake was consumed.

Sure, I know how to exaggerate. But I would be lying if I said that Tosca Cake was a favourite among us kids. It was when studying mom’s old cook books I found the recipe. I have not tasted this cake since I was three feet high, and if it’s something I want with my blog, it is to preserve traditions. Therefore, I made Tosca cake yesterday. And brought it to a the PTA.

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Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – Mrs Harding’s Twenty Century Cook Book from 1921 in pdf

Vintage cookbooks079_book_02

Twenty Century Cook Book

An Up-to-Date and Skillful
Preparation on the Art
of Cooking

Modern Candy Making Simplified
The Process of Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Butchering Time Recipes

Compiled and Published by
The Geographical Publishing Co.

You can download the book in pdf format by clicking
the icon below or the image of the book above

Savoury Triangles / Velsmakende Trekanter

A baking recipe from “The Love Of Cooking” (Kjærligheten Til Matlaging) published published by Ebury Press in 1972

savoury triangle_post
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Chocolate Caramels / Sjokoladekarameller

A festive sweet recipe found on aperitif.no

Christmas is drawing nearer, its getting colder and the Christmas decoration is already up in Oslo’s chopping street Bogstadveien, I caught the lights being lit by the major on the radio earlier today. All this means that it’s time to start thinking about the homemade sweets for the celebrations, so why not try chocolate caramels this year – Ted

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Cucumber And Lemony Dill Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches / Agurk og Sitron & Dill Kremost Te Sandwicher

A variation on the classic cucumber sandwich found on FoodNetwork

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In Context:
Cucumber sandwiches contain little protein and so are generally not considered sustaining enough to take a place at a full meal. This is deliberate; cucumber sandwiches have historically been associated with the Victorian era upper classes of the United Kingdom, whose members were largely at leisure and who could therefore afford to consume foods with little nutritive value. Cucumber sandwiches formed an integral part of the stereotypical afternoon tea affair.

By contrast, people of the era’s lower working classes were thought to prefer a coarser but more satisfying protein-filled sandwich, in a “meat tea” that might substitute for supper.

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