Fish on Bed of Spinach / Fisk på Spinatbunn

A classic Scandinavian fish recipe found in “Mat For Alle” (Food
for Everyone) published by Tiden Norske Forlag in 1985

Fish on Bed of Spinach / Fisk på Spinatbunn

This is a way that might make your kids eat the dreaded spinach,
if you can make them eat fish that is

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Norwegian Cod with Egg Sauce / Torsk med Eggesmør

A classic Norwegian recipe found in “The Best of
International Cooking” published by Hamlyn in 1984

Norwegian Cod with Egg Sauce / Torsk med Eggesmør

This is what happens in books like this, the authors like to fiddle with the recipes giving them their personal touch ruining the authenticity. This is a rather well known recipe to Norwegians. The sauce here, which in Norway isn’t even called a sauce, but “Eggesmør” (egg butter) is wrong. I’ve just been checking through several dozens of recipes. Some use just eggs and butter, some cream, eggs and butter. Some chop the eggs finely, some roughly. Some add chives, some parsley or dill. But no one but no one uses broth or tomatoes.

I’m sure people from other countries have found their local recipes have been fiddled with too. But having said as much, you really should try this recipe, it is simply delicious. Just leave out the broth and tomatoes in the sauce/egg butter.

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Fried Cod and Shrimp Panettas with Spicy Noodle Salad / Stekte Torsk- og Rekepanetter med Krydret Nudelsalat

A spicy Asian inspired dinner recipe found on
Stekte torsk- og rekepanetter med krydret nudelsalat_post

Thick oblong panettas made with cod and shrimps breaded with flaked coconut and served with a hot fried noodle salad that smells deliciously of the far east is a combination that should tempt the most choosy among people.


Traditional Irish Cod Fish Cakes / Tradisjonelle Irske Fiskekaker Av Torsk

A traditional Irish cod recipe found on
Traditional Irish Cod Fish Cakes / Tradisjonelle Irske Fiskekaker Av Torsk

Fish cakes are Irish traditional fare at its very best. These little wonders are created by combining mashed potatoes, flaked cooked fish, and herbs, then formed into individual cakes and coated in breadcrumbs before frying.

This is a perfect recipe for using leftover mashed potatoes, if such a thing ever exists. But don’t worry you can always boil a few spuds for mashing to make these delicious and economical fish cakes.

Cod fish cakes may be simple but are ever so tasty. Traditional Irish fish cakes often use salmon or a mixture of salmon and whitefish but, for now, here’s a recipe that uses just cod.

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The Christmas Recipes – Part 2


German Slices /Tyske Skiver
German Slices /Tyske Skiver

Christmas Cod / Juletorsk
Christmas Cod / Juletorsk

Lightly Salted Cod with Bacon / Lettsaltet Torsk med Bacon

A traditional Norwegian dinner recipe found on matprat.nolettsaltet torsk med bacon_post

Salted cod reawakens fond childhood memories for many Norwegians, me as well. Along with homemade mashed potatoes, fried bacon and carrots, this is traditional Norwegian food at its best – Ted

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Icelandic Baked Cod / Islandsk Torsk i Ovn

A great fish dish found in “Internasjonale Retter Med Norsk Fisk”
(Internationa Dishes Made with Norwegian Fish)
published in 1987

islandsk torsk i ovn_post

It’s not often I come across Icelandic recipes in my collection of old cook books, but here is a really delicious one. I don’t know about you, but I love the combination of firm cod fillets, onion and crispy bacon – Ted


Homemade Fish Fingers / Hjemmelagede Fiskepinner

A simple and delicious everyday dish from
Hjemmelagde fiskepinner_godfisk_post_thumb[2]

You can easily make fish fingers yourself, and along with mashed potatoes and a grated carrot salad with a nice dressing you’ve got a simple but delicious dish.


Baked Cod with Seafood Sauce / Ugnsbakad Torsk med Skaldjurssås

A classic Swedish dinner recipe found on
374_Ugnsbakad torsk med skaldjurssås_post

The baked cod fillet is served with seafood sauce with shrimp, boiled potatoes and spinach. The dish can also be made with other fish fillets like pike perch, floundre or salmon.


Crab & Cod Fishcakes with Tomato Salsa / Krabbe & Torskekaker med Tomatsalsa

A recipe by Mary Berry found on BBCfood
Crab and cod fishcakes with tomato salsa_bbc-food_post

Mary Berry at BBC adds just enough spice to her fishcakes to make sure the delicate flavour of the crabmeat shines through. Serve them with a simple tomatosalsa for a tasty supper.


Crispy Cod Tongues / Sprøstekte Torsketunger

A traditional Norwegian  starter/snack found on godfisk.no578_Sprøstekte torsketunger_post

Crispy fried cod tongues has a long tradition in Norway, and should be enjoyed in the cod season. In this recipe you serve them with a homemade and tasty tartar sauce.

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Cod In Mustard Sauce / Torsk I Sennepssaus

A recipe found on“Snart Ferdig” (Soon Finished)
published by Hjemmets kokebokklubb in 1984

torsk i sennepssaus_post

Cod and other white fish is often served with different types of white sauce in Scandinavia. It can be dill sauce, sauce with French tarragon, white lemon sauce or as in this recipe, mustard sauce.

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