Pirate Pirogues / Piratpiroger

Classic picnic pirogues found on joker.no217_piratpiroger_post

Pirogues is actually originally a Russian pastry butter dough with meat, cabbage, jam and the like. These pirate pirogues are inspired by the Russian cuisine.

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Pirogues With Jarlsberg Cheese And Ham / Norske Piroger

A recipe from The Hairy Bikers visit to Norway
found on BBC/FOOD
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187_norwegian pirogi4The Hairy Bikers writes about the recipe: Every country has something like these little pies – Polish pirogues, Indian samosas, Spanish and Argentinian empanadas – and this is Norway’s version, made with Jarlsberg cheese and caraway seeds for that special Norwegian flavour. We give these dix points! If you’re a lazybones you could use puff pastry, but you’ll end up with something that’s more like a fried pasty. Try these as a great little starter or beer blotter.

I must admit I’ve never had Norwegian pirogues like these, but I agree with the bikers, the Jarlsberg cheese, smoked ham and the caraway seeds would give them a very Norwegian taste – Ted 

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Karelian Pirogues / Karelska Piroger

A Pirogue recipe originally from Finland found on GunillaBlixt.se182_karelska piroger_post

182_karelska piroger2Gunilla Blixt, chef and food writer writes on the blog: Those of you who know me know that I’m omnivorous and I love to eat vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, well, everything that can be eaten.
Last year there was much debate about the fact that we should eat more vegetables, and I agree. It does not mean to stop eating everything else – Just a tip!

Karelian Pirogues are called Karjalan piirakka in Finnish. From the beginning they were a way to take advantage of food scraps and make a packed lunch that was easy to pack. They are filled either with rice or potatoes and they are at their tastiest lukewarm with egg butter.

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