Crabmeat Salad / Krabbesalat

A salad recipe found in “Old Gloucester Sea Food Recipes”
published by  Frank E Davis Fish Company in 1932

Crabmeat Salad / Krabbesalat

Frank E Davis Fish Company published a whole series of cookbooks like this one in the first half of the 1930s. They featured recipes for both for canned and fresh fish and shellfish. All were richly illustrated in full colour – Ted

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Shrimp Luncheon Dish / Lunsjrett med Reker

A recipe from “Carefree cooking…Electrically”
published in the late forties

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A lot of producers of electric ovens worked hard trying to make the american housewives convert from gas to electricity in the first golden post-WWII decades. I have several flashy cookbooks and booklets from these companies published in the forties and fifites.


Chicken Waikiki / Kylling Waikiki

A recipe from an ad for Ann Rice published in
LIFE magazine in 1958