Fried Cod and Shrimp Panettas with Spicy Noodle Salad / Stekte Torsk- og Rekepanetter med Krydret Nudelsalat

A spicy Asian inspired dinner recipe found on
Stekte torsk- og rekepanetter med krydret nudelsalat_post

Thick oblong panettas made with cod and shrimps breaded with flaked coconut and served with a hot fried noodle salad that smells deliciously of the far east is a combination that should tempt the most choosy among people.


The Goat Curry in William Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair” / Geitekarrien i William Thackerays “Forfengelighetens Marked”

A hot curry recipe found on theguardian.comThe goat curry in William Thackeray's Vanity Fair_post

“Give Miss Sharp some curry, my dear,” said Mr. Sedley, laughing. Rebecca had never tasted the dish before. “Do you find it as good as everything else from India?” said Mr. Sedley. “Oh, excellent!” said Rebecca, who was suffering tortures with the cayenne pepper. “Try a chili with it, Miss Sharp,” said Joseph, really interested. “A chili,” said Rebecca, gasping. “Oh yes!” She thought a chili was something cool, as its name imported, and was served with some. “How fresh and green they look,” she said, and put one into her mouth. It was hotter than the curry; flesh and blood could bear it no longer. She laid down her fork. “Water, for Heaven’s sake, water!” she cried.

Fra “Vanity Fair” av William Makepeace Thackeray

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Bindae Duk – Korean Mung Pancakes / Koreanske Mungbønnepannekaker

A Korean pancake recipe found in “Asia – En Kulinarisk Reise”
(A Culinary Voyage) published by Grøndahl Dreyer in 1987

bidae duk - koreansk mungbønne-pannekaker_post

Small, crispy fried pancakes made of ground mung beans with diced ham and kim chee is a tasty appetizer served with flavorings such as chilisauce and soy sauce. They can be eaten both hot and cold.

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Jamaican Chicken and Potato Curry / Jamaicanske Kylling Og Potet Karri

A spicy Jamaican curry recipe found on
Jamaican Chicken and Potato Curry / Jamaicanske Kylling Og Potet Karri

Jamaican curry powder is typically a blend of turmeric, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, anise seeds, allspice and fenugreek. This flavorful chicken dish requires little hands-on prep time.

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Karriboller Og Kokosris / Curry Meatballs And Coconut Rice

A contemporary Norwegian dinner recipe found on
Karriboller Og Kokosris / Curry Meatballs And Coconut Rice


Rema 1000 – A part of Norwegian grocers history

It began with the pursuit of a retail concept that was different than the traditional corner store. On a study trip to Germany in 1977 representatives of the Reitan Group were  impressed by the German discount chain ALDI’s implemented simplicity. When Odd Reitan opened the first REMA grocers February 15th, 1979 at Bromstad in Trondheim it was an ALDI imitation.

The initial phase

In the initial phase the selection was limited to 500-600 articles, but this range was too narrow to be profitable. The store in Mo i Rana, which opened the following year, therefore increased the range of products to 1,000 articles. This was a great success and was continued in the three stores which from then went by the name REMA. It also led to the name of the chain being changed to Rema 1000 – an abbreviation for Reitan Food, 1000 articles.


The REMA 1000 concept has over the years been developed and improved, and the range of articles has changed in step with the times and customers’ shopping habits. But the Reitan Group still work by the same original philosophy.


The Reitan family are among the richest people in Norway and not long ago people like that had a social conscience. But not in our day and age, The Reitan Group has recently changed their beer distribution routines to increase their earnings even more and it is already begining to cost people their jobs at local breweries. Mack Brewery in Tromsø announced today that they are forced to let 35 people go.

Dill and Walnut Yogurt / Dill og Valnøtt Yoghurt

A classic English appetizer recipe found in
“Harrods Cookery Book” published in 1985

Dill and Walnut Yogurt / Dill og Valnøtt Yoghurt

This yogurt may be served as an appetizer with pita bread or as an accompaniment to spicy rice dishes.


Crazy Bread with Marinara Sauce / Crazy Brød med Marinarasaus

A recipe from Saveur’s test kitchen found on
Crazy Bread with Marinara Sauce / Crazy Brød med Marinarasaus

Add a little “kick” to this homemade version of Little Caesar’s “Crazy Bread” by sprinkling on a little chile flake before dunking in hot marinara.

Test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin grew up eating Little Caesar’s pizza with her family and friends, and was particularly fond of the crazy bread on the menu, thus inspiring her to make this homemade version. She loves to sprinkle it with chile flakes before dipping it in hot marinara sauce.


Coney Island Chili Dogs / Coney Island Chilipølser i Brød

A classic chillidog recipe found on
Coney Island Chili Dogs_lostrecipesfound_post

In Southeastern Michigan, “Coney Island” refers to 24-hour diners, and, the specific kind of chili-topped, grilled hot-dogs those diners serve. Invented in 1914 at a Jackson, Michigan joint called Todoroff’s Original Coney Island.

The dogs–with their beanless, meaty chili (or “sauce” as it’s called in Michigan), were so popular, many other operators soon spun their own versions.


Chinese Kung Pao Shrimp / Kinesisk Kung Pao Reker

A spicy Szechuan recipe found at
chinese Kung Pao Shrimp_aboutfood_post

traditional badge ethnic speciality_flatA classic Chinese dish from the Szechuan province – spicy, slightly sweet and incredibly delicious.


Fun Facts To Know About Tabasco Hot Sauce


It’s difficult to imagine a breakfast skillet, hash browns, Bloody Marys, pizza, chicken wings, Cajun food, fried rice, and a whole lot other food without some drops of Tabasco sauce. It is a fascinating flavour enhancer with an even more fascinating history.

00_tabasco_02 Edmund McIlhenny first produced Tabasco sauce in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana. The sauce is still produced in the same location as it was in the 1800s. Additionally the process remains pretty much the same, of course the facilities have undergone modernisation throughout the years.

The sauce was named after the chili variety, which is used to produce it, known as Capsicum frutescens or the tabasco pepper. McIlhenny was gifted seeds from this pepper which he then planted on Avery Island to grow and produce the Tabasco hot sauce. It is believed that those seeds were brought from Mexico or Central America.

00_tabasco_03To distribute the sauce, in the early years, Mr. Edmund McIlhenny used discarded cologne bottles.

As the years went by and Tabasco become more popular the McIlhenny’s needed to expand their chili growing fields. Though some of the peppers are still grown on Avery Island, the company now has growers throughout Latin America.

Regardless of the place it was grown, the seeds all originate on Avery Island then are transported to the growing fields around the different countries. The peppers are always hand-picked in the same manner they were by the original creator, Edmund McIlhenny.


After being picked from the fields (around the world) the chilies make their way back to the production facilities on Avery Island. There they are turned into a mash with salt (that comes from Avery Island) which is then stored in white oak barrels. The barrels are sealed then 00_tabasco_05a layer of salt is poured over the top, and then they are allowed to age for three years before proceeding. After being aged, the mash is quality checked then taken to machines to be mixed with vinegar and stirred for about a month. After the mixing the pulp and seeds are separated from the sauce, then it is poured into the jars, labeled, and ready for distribution.

The sauce is now sold in over 160 countries around the world and the labels are translated into 22 languages and dialects. Tabasco is even part of the official space shuttle menus and given to American overseas soldiers in their MREs or meals ready to eat.

00_tabasco_06One of the many great things to love about Tabasco Pepper Sauce is the natural ingredients list that includes the three simple ingredients: vinegar, red pepper, and salt. Since there are no preservative it can cause the sauce to separate, and hence the need to shake it before using.

Tabasco is certified Kosher, Halal, and gluten free. In each teaspoon of Tabasco there are 0 calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein. But it does contain 35 mg (1% DV) of sodium. According to the company “...other hot sauces can contain four to five times more sodium than TABASCO® Original Red Sauce per serving...


The original Tabasco sauce has a Scoville rating of 2,500-5,000 SHU. The habanero variety is the spiciest in the collection but the original is the second spiciest.


•  According to the Tabasco website “A 2-oz. bottle of our Original Red Sauce contains at least 720 drops. (There are 60 drops per teaspoon; 3 teaspoons per tablespoon; 2 tablespoons per fluid ounce and 2 fluid ounces per bottle).

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Garlic Shrimp with Chili / Hvitløksreker med Chili

A lunch/tapas recipe found on
Hvitløksreker med chili_godt_post

Spicy shrimp with lots of garlic belongs to the tapas menu and also works superbly as lunch. Serve with fresh bread and butter.


Aromatic Butter / Aromasmør

3 recipes for aromatic butter found on imagasin.info649_aroma smør_post

Here is recipes for three types of aromatic butter that tastes great, for example, with baked potatoes, a delicious steak dinner or grilled fish or meat. They are easy to mix and keeps well for a while in the fridge.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English 000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

Recipe posted at:

Provencal Prawns / Provençalske Kongereker

A quick dinner with the taste of Provence
found on
555_Provencal Prawns_post

A speedy weeknight suppers: This super-simple prawn dish can be whipped up in just half an hour using ingredients you have in the cupboard.

A simple, homemade tomato sauce gives a warm Mediterranean flavour to fresh, juicy prawns. If you can’t find fresh raw prawns then try the frozen aisle and defrost them carefully before cooking.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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Cherry Chutney / Kirsebærchutney

A recipe from Dansukker found on


See this and lots of other delicious recipes on:
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Mexican Style Chilli

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